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Single row tapered roller bearings have an outer ring, the inner ring and a set of tapered roller cover from the box-type cage into an inner component. Outer and inner components separated according to ISO tapered roller bearings dimensions standards, tapered roller bearing outer or inner components of any standard model and the same model should be able to outer or inner components to achieve international interchangeable. That same model except that the Department of outer dimensions, tolerances must comply with ISO492 (GB307) provided, the inner components of the cone angle, cone diameter components must also comply with the relevant provisions interchangeable.
Typically, single row tapered roller bearing outer ring raceway of the cone angle between 10 ° ~ 19 °, able to withstand the combined effects of axial and radial loads. The larger cone angle, the axial load bearing capacity is also greater. Large cone angle of the bearing, post code plus B, cone angle between 25 ° ~ 29 °, it can withstand greater axial load. In addition, single row tapered roller bearings can be resized clearance during installation.
Double row tapered roller bearing outer ring (or inner) as a whole. Two inner (or outer) face similar small, middle spacer, clearance by the spacer thickness is adjusted, it can also be used to adjust the thickness of spacer double row tapered roller bearings preloaded.
Four tapered roller bearings, such bearings performance and double row tapered roller bearing is basically the same, but more than double row tapered roller bearings to withstand greater radial load, lower speed limits, mainly for heavy machinery.
Multi-sealed double, four tapered roller bearings, ZWZ provide long-life, multi-sealed double, four tapered roller bearings. Personalize bearing the new design, fully sealed bearings change traditional design method, using the new structure type seal and dust seal combination, to improve the sealing effect, improve sealing performance. Multi-sealed double, four-row tapered roller bearings compared with open structure bearing, life expectancy increased from 20% to 40%; lubricant consumption reduced by 80%.


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