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Single row angular contact ball bearings can withstand axial load in one direction, the radial load, will cause additional axial force. And the only limit in one direction of the axial displacement or housing. Angular contact ball bearing contact angle of 40 degrees, it can withstand great axial load. Angular contact ball bearings are non-separable design, the shoulder on both sides of the inner and outer rings uneven. In order to improve the load bearing capacity, which will shoulder the side of the processing to be low, so that the bearings can put more balls.

Double row angular contact ball bearings can withstand greater radial load mainly radial and axial joint load and moment load, axial displacement limit both axes. Mainly used to limit the bidirectional axial displacement of the shaft and housing parts double row angular contact ball bearings, the outer ring between the tilt is limited, allows the tilt angle depends on the bearing internal clearance, bearing size, interior design and acting on forces and moments on the bearings, while the maximum permissible tilt angle should ensure that the bearing will not generate excessive additional stress. If the bearing inner and outer ring between the angle of inclination, will affect bearing life, also causing the bearing running accuracy decreased operating noise increases. Double row angular contact ball bearings generally use nylon cage or solid brass cage. When the double row angular contact ball bearing installation should be noted that although two-way bearings can withstand axial load, but if one side of the ball gap, it should be careful not to let the main axial load through the notched side gutter. Should pay attention to the bearings in the side without the ball gap raceway to bear the main load.

Folded pairs of double ball bearings

If pairs of double installation, to make a pair of bearing outer ring relative to that wide side face of wide and narrow side facing the narrow end. This can avoid additional axial force, but also so that the shaft or housing to limit the axial clearance range in both directions.

Because the inner and outer ring raceway relative displacement on the horizontal axis, so it can bear radial load and axial load - combined load (single row angular contact ball bearings can withstand axial load in one direction, so often adopted installed in pairs).

Cage made of brass, synthetic resins, etc., depending on the bearing form, and application conditions.

Angular contact ball bearing is more foreign bearing manufacturers manufacturing, domestic applied to imported equipment such as more angular contact ball bearings 3204RS, etc.,

Narrow outer edge, including wide-brimmed, including another broadside, narrow outside, is back to back in contact.

Folding property

1, bearing universal distribution group

Universally matchable bearings is the result of special processing, when the bearing is installed close to each other, any combination can achieve the established internal clearance or preload, and the average load distribution, without the use of shims or similar devices.

Paired bearings in: When there is insufficient load-carrying capacity of a single bearing (using blow-linked configuration) or when to bear combined load or the axial load in both directions (with back to back or face to face configuration).

2, the basic design bearings (can not be used universally matchable) for single bearing configuration

Single row angular contact ball bearings are mainly applied the basic design configuration, only one bearing at each location. Its width and the projecting amount of general tolerances. Therefore not suitable for the two single row angular contact ball bearings against the installation.


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