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Spherical roller bearings with two rollers, mainly bear radial load, but also can withstand axial load in either direction. A high radial load capacity, especially suitable for heavy loads or vibration, but can not bear the pure axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so the good performance of its self-aligning, can compensate concentricity error. [1]
There are two symmetrical spherical roller, there is a common spherical outer ring raceway, the bearing inner ring with two axis tilt
Angle of raceway, aligning with good performance, when the axis force bent or install a different heart is still bearing the normal use, transfer concentric with the bearing size range varies, generally aligning allowed 1 to 2.5 degree angle load bearing capacity of the larger type, in addition to radial loads but also under way outside the role of bearing axial load, with good impact resistance, in general, self-aligning roller bearings allowed working speed than the low.
Spherical roller bearings under the roller-sectional shape into symmetrical spherical roller and spherical roller asymmetric two different structures, asymmetric spherical roller bearings are early products, primarily for the host service, a host of new design When the choice is rarely symmetrical spherical roller bearings, the internal structure has been completely improved design and parameter optimization, and early production of spherical roller bearings compared to withstand greater axial load, the operating temperature of the bearing low, it can be adapted to the requirements of high speed, according to the inner ring without ribs and used by the holder of the characteristics can be divided into two kinds of C-type and CA, C-type bearings are no inner wall and using steel stamping cage, CA-type 特瑞恩 bearing characteristics compared to both sides of the inner wall and the use of the car solid cage. In order to improve the bearing lubrication, providing self-aligning outer ring with annular groove and three hole roller bearings to the user, to bearing post code / W33 representation. According to user requirements can also be supplied with inner hole of the spherical roller bearings, in order to facilitate customer handling and replacement bearings, but also provide spherical bore tapered roller bearings, tapered bore, taper 1:12 later code-named K said that in order to adapt to specific user requirements are also available for the 1:30 taper bore bearings, then set code-named K30. Bearing bore tapered bearing locknuts are available mounted directly on the tapered journal can also use an adapter sleeve or withdrawal sleeve mounted on a cylindrical bearing journal. To ensure that the bearing at high speed centrifugation to prevent harmful slip between the raceway and roller bearings should bear a certain minimum radial load, estimated by the size of the press:
Fr = 0.02C
Fr - minimum radial load N
The basic dynamic load rating C- bearing N
Equivalent dynamic load
P = Fr + Y1Fa when Fa / Fr e time
P = 0.67Fr + Y2Fa when Fa / Fr e time
P- dynamic equivalent load N
Y1 Y2- axial dynamic load factor
Equivalent static load
P0 = Fr + Y0Fa
P0- equivalent static load N
Y0- axial static load factor
Structure Classification Edit
Structure type

Spherical roller bearings divided into: cylindrical bore, tapered bore.
Tapered bore taper 1:12, respectively, post code-named K-aligning roller bearings (type 153000 or 113000 type) and the 1:30 post code-named K30 aligning roller bearings. Such bearings and shaft with a conical inner ring can be adjusted along the axial movement of the bearing radial clearance.
Post code

The post code is K, K30 conical bore spherical roller bearings, mounted on an adapter sleeve to match, it becomes post code-named K + H type and K30 + H-type bearings. Such bearings can be mounted on the optical axis of the shaft shoulder does not apply to the installation and removal of bearings require frequent occasions. In order to improve the lubrication performance of the bearing in the bearing outer ring tank car and three drill hole uniformly distributed, then set code-named W33.
Usage application editor

Mainly used to maintain frame: sheet steel reinforced cage (suffix E, domestic rarely). Sheet steel type cage (suffix CC), glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cage (suffix TVPB), two machined brass cages (suffix MB). Integral machined brass cages (suffix CA), vibration occasions sheet steel cage (suffix JPA). Vibration occasion brass cage (suffix EMA). The same structure, code or have different bearings.
Main uses: papermaking machinery, deceleration devices, railway vehicles axles, rolling mill gear box housings, rolling mill rolls, crushers, vibrating screen, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various types of industrial gear, vertical seat belt aligning bearings .

Spherical roller bearings have two raceways between the inner and outer ring raceway is spherical, the assembly of a drum-shaped roller bearings. Outer ring raceway curvature center and bearing center line, and therefore have a self-aligning ball bearing with the same self-aligning feature. In the shaft, deflection occurs when the shell can be automatically adjusted load and axial load in two directions. Radial load capacity, suitable for a heavy load, impact load conditions. Inner diameter is tapered bore bearings can be installed directly. Or use the adapter sleeve, remove tube installed in the cylinder axis. Cage with steel stamping cage, forming polyamide cage and copper alloy machined cage.


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